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Why are Grocery Anchored Centers great investments?

Grocery Stores will NEVER go away.  Even when people are buying everything from automobiles to zippers online only a fraction of online sales are for groceries.  So they are generally good long term commercial real estate investments and more stable than unanchored retail centers.  

However, don't be fooled into thinking that specific market factors will never change for a specific store.  Grocers are battling it out for market share right now as new stores enter the North Carolina Market.  

Might it be a good time to re-evaluate a center that you own? You Bet, and we can help.

Are there some good opportunities to purchase centers? Absolutely.

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Dan Smith, CCIM

Dan Smith CCIM

The NC Grocery Anchored Center Specialist.  

We have analyzed data for over 400 Grocery Anchored Centers in North Carolina.  Patterns are emerging with regard to specific grocers, urban vs. rural areas, and older vs. newer stores.  We'd like to put our research to work for you. 

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